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Laurel Ledges Natural Area

The Laurel Ledges Natural Area consists of 6 preserves and has trails for hiking. Sterling Farm Town of Patterson – 37.0 Acres. About the TrailThe trail is steep in the initial ascent and final descent but it is not overwhelming. On the descent, a guide rope is present to make it a bit easier. The trail […]

Tom’s Path Preserve

Town of Patterson – 5 acres. Tom’s Path is part of the Laurel Ledges Natural Area. Tom’s Path on Couch Road in Patterson was donated by Edie Keasbey. A wooded 5-acre parcel with a stream running through the middle of the property, Jackson’s Brook, this preserve helps protect a biotic corridor that stretches from the […]

Lushinsky Preserve

Town of Patterson – 18.0 Acres.The Lushinsky Preserve is part of the Laurel Ledges Natural Area. The parcel is an oddly shaped upside-down “L”. It connects the Turtle Pond and Plunkett Preserves to the Peter Hartford Dunlop and Sterling Farm Preserves. The photo above is taken from Farm-to-Market road looking northwest. A portion of the […]

Sterling Farm

Town of Patterson – 37.0 Acres. HistoryDonated to the Putnam County Land Trust in 1997, this 37 acre-Parcel was once part of one of the 100-acre farms carved out of the Philipse lands for Revolutionay War Veterans. In the early 1800’s, it belonged to the Couch family. Hezekiah Couch was the first Commissioner of Highways […]

Ice Pond Conservation Area

Shawe Preserve Town of Patterson – 18 acres.Preserve Overview: A rugged, heavily wooded hillside overlooking Ice Pond, the Shawe Preserve is part of the Ice Pond Conservation Area. The Shawe Preserve was donated to the Putnam County Land Trust by George and Pam Shawe in 1976. The preserve has no road frontage and an access […]

Peter Hartford Dunlop Preserve

Town of Patterson – 14 acres. The Peter Hartford Dunlop Preserve is part of the Laurel Ledges Natural Area. The parcel is an unusual shape with jagged property lines. It connect the Sterling Farm Preserves on Couch Road and the landlocked Lushinsky Preserve to Route 164 – and Brandon Farm Preserve on the other side […]

Peach Lake Natural Area

The Peach Lake Natural Area consists of three connecting preserves and a scenic trail system. Paul Fitchen Preserve The Paul Fitchen Preserve is part of the Peach Lake Natural Area. Acquired from Putnam County, 1990. Consists of 48 acres of wooded wetland, low slope, and wet meadow communities. From Brewster, take Rt. 6 east and […]