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Judy Terlizzi

845 743 3187

The Putnam County Land Trusts invites the community to join on walks to some of its preserves as we walk through the woods to see what is happening in nature. The walks will be led by naturalist, Jim Nordgren. Reservations are requested.  Please 

email or call 845 743 3187.  

Saturday, March 12th at 11 am, we will visit the Sterling Farm Preserve on Couch Road in Patterson. Come to explore this beautiful Preserve as we identify some of the dozens of tree and shrub species found there. Hiking trails are considered moderate to steep in some parts but worth the hike to an impressive overlook at the top of the ledges.  This is a moderate hike. 

Sunday, March 20th   at 2 pm we will visit the Dextra Baldwin McGonagle Preserve on Abbeyfield Lane in Patterson.  Help celebrate the First Day of Spring as we search out the signs of spring including emerging skunk cabbage, swelling red maple buds, early flowering serviceberry and perhaps even a fleeting mourning cloak butterfly.

Saturday, April 9th at 11am there will be a Wetlands Walk at the Brandon Farm Preserve on Farm to Market Road in Patterson. Let’s learn about the value of wetlands as we look for possible vernal pools and the wood frog and salamander eggs deposited there–along with spicebush, nannyberry, blueberry and witch hazel shrubs surrounding them.

Sunday, April 24th at 2pm we will look for Wildflowers at the Ice Pond Conservation Area on Ice Pond Road in Patterson.  Come enjoy the beauty of native wildflowers at Ice Pond Preserve. We’ll be searching for the rare pink lady slippers that still hold on along with toothwort, trillium, trout lily, bloodroot and maybe some late spring beauty flowers.

Saturday, May 7th at 11 am we will meet at the Diverting Reservoir Trail on Railroad Avenue in Brewster to look for Migrating Song Birds. May is the height of the longest animal migration on earth as warblers and other birds return from as far away as South and Central America. We’ll get glimpses of returning waterfowl on the reservoir as well.

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