The Dorothy & Gerald Hick Preserve

North Horsepound Road

Town of Kent – 19.67 acres.

These two parcels in the town of Kent were the donation of Stephen Hick, Julie Paulsen and Marilynn Price, children of Dorothy Phillips Hick and Gerald Hick. They donated these parcels to the land trust to be forever green and requested the preserve be named in memory of their parents who were long-time residents of Putnam County.

Gerald Hick loved the history and land of Putnam County. He could tell you the history of most plots of land if you just mentioned the name of an owner. His business, Putnam County Abstract Co., was located in Carmel. He served as a Town Councilman and was on the Zoning Board. Mrs. Hick, the former Dorothy Phillips, was a French and language teacher at Mahopac High School. They were active in St. James parish.

These Kent parcels contain valuable wetlands which provide storm water abatement and help clean and filter the water as it moves through them. They offer habitat for all types of amphibians.  The surrounding uplands of rich diverse woods are filled with bird life. The larger parcel is suited for a trail system that will, when constructed, offer walkers a restorative walk through this peaceful wood land. The second parcel is adjacent to historic cemeteries on North Horsepound Road, and the Dorothy and Gerald Hick Preserve will serve as a buffer from future development for these final resting places.

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