Elena Hill Preserve

Route 22

Town of Patterson – 17.0 Acres.

Elena Hill donated Seventeen acres along the East Branch Croton River to the Land Trust in 2000. Mrs. Hill is an avid conservationist who lived in Patterson for many years. The donated land includes the confluence of the Haviland Hollow Brook and the East Branch Croton River just east of Route 22. This donation is key to the preservation of the wildlife values of the Great Swamp, particularly the value the Swamp has for migratory songbirds and Neotropical species.

The Great Swamp occupies the valley between two parallel ridges. The highlands act as a funnel directing the birds towards the lowlands of the Swamp. Consisting of Red Maple hardwood swamp and flood plain wetlands this mostly unbroken and undeveloped area provides not only excellent food sources for warblers, tanagers, wood thrushes, sand pipers and other migrating species but also a place to rest before resuming their journeys.

This preserve is being held for natural resource protection and does not have visitor access at this time.

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