Butterfly Walk in Dover with FrOGS and OLC…

Brought to you by our friends at FrOGS and the Oblong Land Conservancy:

Butterfly Walk at the Slocum-Mostachetti Preserve
Saturday, August 2
For more info, contact the Oblong Land Conservancy at 845-855-3266 or oblongland@gmail.com

Butterfly Walk led by Bill Wallace, who has studied and catalogued the Butterflies of the Great Swamp for ten years. Wear long pants as we will be walking through tall grasses. Bring Camera, hat and water. Slocum-Mostachetti Preserve located at 3517 Pleasant Ridge Road, Dover NY. Directions: Take Rte 22 north to light at Pleasant Ridge Road, turn left, cross RR tracks, drive .8 mile further, preserve is on right, look for the ‘Oblong Land Conservatory’ Sign.