The Chase Preserve

181 Barrett Hill Road

Towns of Carmel & Putnam Valley – 26 acres.

In February of 2011, Mahopac residents Saul and Ingrid Chase generously donated 22.51 acres of their property to the PCLT. The donated land, which includes two parcels in the town of Carmel and one in the town of Putnam Valley, are contiguous and afford both a biotic corridor and wildlife habitat. The Putnam Valley parcel, which runs a short distance along Peekskill Hollow Road, protects a section of the Peekskill Hollow Brook with access to uplands for the species that live in or near the stream. The land sits west of the Chases’ house and is part of a spectacular setting which can be seen from the many picture windows enveloping their magnificent home.

The natural beauty of their surroundings is fully appreciated by the Chases, two extremely creative people who moved from New York City to Putnam County in 1981. Saul is an artist, whose abstract paintings merge dreamy atmospheric colors reminiscent of landscapes with shapes that are more hard-edged. His work brings to mind how the presence of man-made structures constantly push against the lightness of nature and it is easy to see how his hilltop home with its breathtaking views has influenced his artwork.

Ingrid is a chef who created the dishes for and, along with Saul, started the frozen food line for Marie Callendar’s in the mid-80’s. The company has since been sold and Ingrid is currently developing vegetarian dishes and baked goods for her own frozen food line. But Ingrid’s creativity does not end in the kitchen. The beautiful gardens surrounding the house have all been planned and created by her, which she started by simply planting a solitary rose bush to see how it would grow.

When asked what they love best about their property, both speak about the solitude and tranquility of the spot, and the pristine view from their house. A multitude of wildlife, which includes red fox, coyote, turkey and deer, abound on the upland slope of the hills on the east side of Peekskill Hollow Road. This forested slope provides a beautiful view and ridge line. Because of the unique nature of this preserve it will be held for resource protection and not be developed with a trail system.

By their donation to the Land Trust, these two long-time Putnam residents have greatly given back to the community a most valuable treasure – a natural habitat for many species and untouched land which will forever remain green.

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