PCLT First and Third Saturday Morning Program!

Putnam County Land Trust  First and Third Saturday Morning Program

The Putnam County Land Trust is initiating a program to be held on the First and Third Saturday morning each month, weather permitting.  The program will begin in August and be held on August 4th and August 18th.

These sessions are designed to foster appreciation for the natural flora that exists here in Putnam County.

The First Saturday

We welcome individuals to be part of a group that learns about our native flora in Putnam County.  These will be hands on
workshops and will be group directed.  Sessions could include at the groups direction guest leaders with knowledge of particular classes of plants, in depth study of soils and ecosystems as well as suggested reading lists.

On each first Saturday, a different PCLT preserve will be visited for two to three hours starting at 8:30 in the morning.  This Saturday morning program will continue throughout the year weather permitting but a commitment to be at every one is not necessary to be part of the group   The group size will be limited to 15.  Registration is necessary. To register for notices or for more inform ation, please call 914 621 8466 or e mail info@pclt.net.

Third Saturday 

Be part of the Invasive Plant removal team of the Putnam County Land Trust.  For two to three hours on the third Saturday of the month, the group will address an area of a PCLT preserve that needs invasive plant removal.

Learn how to identifiy the five or so most common and threatening plants and how to clear them in an environmentally safe way.  This program will continue throughout the year, weather permitting and is suitable for teens on up.  A commitment to be a part of every third Saturday is not necessary to be considered part of the group.  This program will also begin at 8:30 am in the morning.  To register for notices or for more information, please call 914 621 8466 or email info@pclt.net